Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Love Flea Markets First blog post

Hi everyone!

I think it will be interesting to start a blog and keep track of We Love Flea Markets (WLFM) progress. One day you get to walk down memory lane through this blog, recalling the events that took place and what We Love Flea Markets has went through.

The history of WLFM started off from I Love Flea Markets (www.ilovefleamart.blogspot.sg). This humble prelove blogshop started in Novemeber 2009 with preloved apparels, accessories to magazines been sold and trade off. Back then, I could not see how big I Love Flea Markets would go today. Trading of items is common for I LOVE FLEA MARKETS back then.

After a year plus, I took a 1 year break from blogshops and this space (www.ilovefleamart.blogspot.sg) became quiet since then.
In November 2012, I LOVE FLEA MARKETS came back again as a instagram store selling preloved clothes and over time with the support of lovely shoppers it grew into WE LOVE FLEA MARKETS(yay!!!) And this means serious business! The team has bring this online fashion store to the next level creating our own website, facebook page and even going to studio for shootings for apparels and accessories!

We (the team) want to do something more than ordinary, and stay on follow us on instagram: @welovefleamarkets and Facebook: We Love Flea Markets for many many surprises :)

P/S: This blog is undergoing revamping to bring you bigger FASHION surprises!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

About I love Flea markets

Hey dearies

Our main shop has shifted to instagram shop: ilovefleamarkets

I LOVE FLEA MARKETS aim to create pleasant experiences with best services for our shoppers with provide really low frills!!! You can find the best prices and deals at ilovefleamarkets

If you are interested at any of our stuffs,do comment on our instagram posts in our instagram shop, email us at shopper_holic@live.com or for fast deal, whatsapp me at 97336165 .We will do our best to return all enquires within 48 hours.Before making any purchases, please scroll to the top of this blog to read our terms and conditions to avoid misbuys.

Find us on instagram: ilovefleamarkets  for shopping
and http://ilovefleamart.blogspot.sg/ for cool and instant updates :)

We hope that you will love I LOVE FLEA MARKETS.Don't forget to link us too.=)

Happy shopping @

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hi babes! thanks for shopping with I LOVE FLEA MART! Do come back and shop with us again!

Join/Follow  our instagram store get promotions and to receive updates!

Thanks for the tremendous support loves!

168 items and still counting since November 2009....

  1. Red Checkered Top
  2. Black shinny top
  3. Cawaii Magazine Issue:Jan09
  4. Cawaii Magazine Issue:April09
  5. brown checkered shorts
  6. pink corset
  7. indesin grey checkered jumper
  8. 2 grey stockings
  9. Brown Oxford Heels
  10. White Layered Skirt
  11. Black top with white huge buttons from Korea
  12. Black Lacy Leggings
  13. Black button leggings
  14. Topshop OUT OF CONTROL Top
  15. Sweet headband with white dots
  16. Brown Checkered Cap
  17. Bear Buckle Belt
  18. Black Necklace with Plastic Beads
  19. Necklace
  20. Beaded necklace
  21. Necklace with Lace
  22. grey honey stockings
  23. black strappy heels
  24. Black Kimono Detail Dress
  25. boyfriend tee
  26. Cotton On denim shorts
  27. smokefash high waist skirt
  28. Green checkered bag
  29. Floral Top
  30. Cotton On Light blue denim cuff shorts
  31. Lusty Minty Green Vintage Floral Romper from odorikoya.lj
  32. Mickey Mouse tote bag
  33. polka dots sundress
  34. Vintage belt
  35. black blazer with rose studs
  36. Striped cropped tee
  37. Modparade cropped denim top
  38. hello kitty ring(imported)
  39. Bon Bons silver pumps
  40. grey checkered top
  41. black pencil skirt with black buttons
  42. White and silver belt
  43. white and black striped bangle
  44. rose studs
  45. black patent thin belt
  46. Black cotton belt
  47. black patent bow belt
  48. acid-washed leggings in charcoal swirls
  49. 3birds flight ring
  50. H&M inspired black wedges
  51. Boho Floral skirt
  52. gold sparkling bangle
  53. 1 grey honey stocking
  54. white vest
  55. silver brooch
  56. quilted bag
  57. black tee
  58. brown vest
  59. Chanel inspired cropped blazer
  60. BN Ribbon pattern black stockings from Taiwan
  61. BN PurPur brown tub
  62. black vest with ribbon ties
  63. Oversized checkered cropped top
  64. Fyndle(Pandawithpistols) Dakota buttondown shirt
  65. Checkered boyfriend shirt [short sleeves]
  66. ohsofickle lace insert dress
  67. Checkered headband
  68. Gemini Cropped top
  69. baby pink vest
  70. Trench dress with rope belt
  71. Smokefash Nicie's Military Vest
  72. Minibits blue hairband
  73. Topshop sailor shorts
  74. Hot pink cardigan
  75. polka dots vintage blouse
  76. cute brown furry bag bought from Korea
  77. dark brown wallet
  78. Anna sui inpsired green wallet
  79. red handphone strap
  80. white royal round ring
  81. black 3 way vintage bag

  82. Synthetic hair white and black hairband

  83. Wool flower brooch

  84. blue handphone strap

  85. vertical striped jeans

  86. star headband

  87. Black mesh top

  88. Skinny yellow headband

  89. Light brown 3 way vintage bag

  90. Cotton On black cardigan

  91. TRN Kelsey studded skater dress

  92. 77th street studded belt

  93. Agneselle Taylor dress
  94. feather headband bought in Taiwan

  95. Black checkered glossy bag

  96. Shiny black bangles

  97. Dark Brown Top
  98. Brown denim shorts
  99. DONT WASTE MY TIME layered top
  100. Polka dots vintage dress
  101. Satin floral dress
  102. cute yellow dog tee
  103. Hotpink sheer stripy hoodie

  104. Accessorize purple bangles with gilitter
  105. Navy blue puffy shorts from Korea

  106. metal snow flake ring

  107. anchor ring

  108. My little pony dustcaps x3
  109. My little pony dustcaps-pinkie Pie
  110. Dark Brown skinny felt belt
  111. White Sailor Top
  112. Large studded bag
  113. skinny leopard belt
  114. Twilight-my little Pony dustcap
  115. Cotton On black braided skinny belt
  116. Hellow kitty shades with yellow ribbon
  117. Nerd round shades
  118. Snowflake ring
  119. Pink Aviators
  120. CHERRY shirt dress
  121. black skinny belt
  122. Fedora Hat
  123. Vintage floral Maxi dress
  124. Marc Jacobs light blue ripped denim shorts
  125. Kitty Hat in Maroon colour
  126. Gold Spike Headband
  127. Highwaisted shorts
  128. white roses floral wreath
  129. black and red roses floral wreath
  130. No 3.my little pony dustcap
  131. No 13 my little pony dustcap
  132. Red/White roses floral wreath
  133. UK Icon wallet
  134. maroon skinny belt with chain
  135. yellow and green roses floral wreath
  136. pink/yellow roses floral wreath
  137. LONDON tote bag
  138. UK Icon wallet 
  139. UK Icon wallet
  140. No 2 My little pony
  141. white ribbon sundress
  142. black denim shorts
  143. London tote bag
  144. Denim outerwear
  145. yellow roses floral wreath
  146. pink and yellow roses floral wreath
  147. Bonito Chico sundress
  148. 2way vintage bag
  149. Acid washed denim shorts
  150. tribal crop top with rabbit design
  151. Tribal cardigan with reindeer design
  152. My little pony dustcap no.10
  153. Moustage tote bag
  154. Tribal cropped oversized top(velvet material)
  155. Spikey headband
  156. Tribal tube dress(white)
  157. Leopard clutch
  158. Lacey bralet in Royal blue
  159. ASOS bodycon
  160. Lacey bralet in Pink
  161. Lacey bralet in White
  162. Leopard Ears Headbandal
  163. Cupcake Peplum Top
  164. Cupcake Peplum Top
  165. Love Bonito Romper
  166. Grab bag(6 items)
  167. Light Blue denim bralet
  168. Vintage Burberry Shirt
  169. Nautical Skirt
  170. Floral wreath
  171. Tribal cardigan with Reindeers design
  172. Polka dots with pink dress
  173. polk dots hair twist
  174. Grab bag(Tribal Trend)
  175. Grab bag(Girl next Door)
  176. Floral bralet
  177. Grab bag(Elegant Lady)
  178. Dior sunglass
  179. cream floral laced bustier
  180. Oversized Puffy Sleeves Dress
  181. Cream Floral Laced Bustier
  182. Black Laced Dress
  183. Navy Cotton Bralet
  184. Lacey bralet in Royal Blue
  185. Hot Pink Skater skirt with Lace
  186. Chained Vintage shirt
  187. Lacey bralet in Royal Blue
  188. Pink Polka Dots Silk Bralet
  189. Red Floral Laced Bralet
  190. Dark Blue denim bralet
  191. Light Pink Skater Skirt with Lace
  192. Tribal Denim Outerwear
  193. Leather skirt with studs
  194. Blue/Green Floral bralet
  195. Green Roses Floral Wreath
  196. Blue floral Roses Bralet
  197. Blue Floral Roses Bralet
  198. Tribal Cropped Blouse
  199. Green Floral Roses Floral Wreath